Precision Engineering


At PowerKut, our manufacturing and machining services have a long pedigree of precision engineering culminating in our gaining a vast wealth of experience in fully traceable machined components where quality and integrity are of the utmost importance.

The company services the high quality, precision market sector in both designing and supplying Jigs, Fixtures, Acceptance Gauges, Aero/Nuclear Components and Special Purpose Tooling.

The company is, thus, well-versed in working to the close limits associated with the gauge industry with its cross-section of tool room skills in Jig-Boring, CNC Turning/Milling and Surface/Cylindrical Grinding.

The company has, for many years, been a key supplier to the M.O.D. and supporting institutions with regard to special gauging as well as providing comprehensive machining and manufacturing services to other principal sectors of industry such as Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Mining and Rail.