Cutting Performance To Suit All Applications

Mining Tools

As a key supplier to major forward thinking companies such a British Gypsum Plc., PowerKut design and manufacture a wide range of both standard and bespoke cutting tools for applications such as long wall shearers, continuous miners, road headers etc.

At PowerKut we believe that productivity comes from quality, and our tools are designed to provide the best mix of tool life and cutting performance to suit all applications.

Customer service is a vital part of our company's ethos, and we are committed to researching the best possible answers to any questions or concerns our customers have, whether that be part of our contract or just part of the value added to our loyal customer base.

A selection of our products are listed below;

A46/83.5/15 - Point Attack Shearer. Excellent in Gypsum and Harder Conditions.

FAW40HW - Semi Forward Attack Shearer known as the Shearmaster. Excellent in Hard Rock.

QR6 ACT - Forward Attack Small Shearer. Good Overall in Hard Rock.

HB250 29 - Forward Attack Shearer used on Continuous Miners. Good in Salt and Potash.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.