Superb Mechanical Calibration Laboratory

Mechanical Calibration

The Company's superb Mechanical Calibration Laboratory is UKAS accredited to undertake the calibration of Vee Groove Jaw Blades, Orifice Plates and Polygons along with a vast range of Small Hand Tools, Gauges and Metrology Equipment.

A very competitive service is offered coupled with a five working day turn-around as standard.

Calibration Contracts are available with database management and web-site access for viewing and printing certificates.

We also offer a UKAS on-site calibration service which enables the customer to maintain production continuity.

The on-site service was set up to cover such items as Surface Tables, Optical Projectors, Digital Height Gauges, etc. This service has now been extended to cover a traceable calibration of more general items such as Gauges, Micrometers, Vernier Calliper's, etc.