Terms & Conditions

  1. A provisional booking made via telephone, in person, post or e-mail will remain firm for a period of seven days until which time a £50 deposit must be paid. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, unless terminated by the caravan owner.
  2. Outstanding balance payments must be received no later than 28 days prior to the holiday arrival date. Should a cancellation be made prior to payment of the full balance, only the deposit sum of £50 will be forfeited. If a cancellation is made after the full balance has been paid, 50% of the total hire charge will be payable. If less than 7 day’s notice of cancellation is received, then the total hire charge will be payable. This remains entirely at the discretion of the caravan owner.
  3. In the event of double booking through oversight on the owner’s behalf alternative accommodation within the same park and caravan class may be offered if available, otherwise a full refund including deposit will be given. Liability will only extend to the value of amounts paid and no more than the original cost of the holiday.
  4. We are unable to accept liability if we are prevented from supplying a service to you due to Force Majeure, an event for which we cannot avoid such as an act of God, civil commotion, riot, war, explosion, accident, flooding, hurricane, earthquake, terrorism and any similar events which are outside of our control.
  5. The caravan will be available to the named occupants during the period shown on the confirmation letter received from the caravan owner.
  6. The caravan is 4 berths and at no time must be exceeded.
  7. The hirer of the caravan must be 25 or older, however this remains at the discretion of the owner and, dependent on circumstances, the hirer maybe of a younger age, but no younger than 21 years. The hirer must remain present during the occupancy period of the caravan.
  8. The caravan is only available for rent by families and responsible couples. The park will not allow all male or all female parties. Mixed adult groups under 25 are permitted at the owner's discretion.
  9. One dog or two small dogs only allowed if they are trained and under supervision at all times within the caravan and surrounding areas within the park, also to be on a lead within the same external areas of the park.
  10. Strictly NO SMOKING inside the caravan.  However smoking is permitted on the outside decking area. Please discard carefully.
  11. The maximum hire period allowed is 28 days.
  12. The area surrounding the hire caravan must be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  13. Clothes are to be dried on the airier provided; at no time are they to be dried over heaters. Clothes lines are not to be erected.
  14. Tents can only be erected on designated tenting fields. They are not allowed between caravans.
  15. Park speed limits must not be exceeded.
  16. In the event of behaviour likely to cause offence or damage to other users of the facilities, the park management reserve the right to remove any offenders from the park without redress.  Please note that if in the opinion of any member of staff from Shorefield Holidays Limited any person/s is/are not suitable to continue the holiday because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or annoyance to other holidaymakers, the contract may be discharged.  In this event, the hirer shall remain liable to pay the higher price and no refund shall be due.   The hirer shall also be liable for any damage caused in the holiday home.  The owner also reserves the right to enter any accommodation under special circumstances or emergences.  Excessive noise levels will not be tolerated after 10pm or before 9am.
  17. All persons using the entertainment complex must honour the club rules. Membership is discretionary and may be withdrawn at any time by the park management.  Please note that guests who would like to use the leisure facilities e.g. swimming pools, gym, sauna, bars, restaurants and evening entertainment (when applicable) a weekly pass needs to be purchased from the main reception either for single or family groups.   The price for these range on what time of year that you are staying either low, mid or peak season.  Average price is for a mid-season family pass (2 adults + 4 children 5-16 years) £34.29 at 2010 prices.
  18. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in some licensed areas of the club; some of the leisure club facilities are not available to children under 16.
  19. During busy periods, there may be a restriction on the time you can spend in/at the swimming pools.  A £1 deposit will be charged for lockers, please make sure that all babies and non-toilet trained toddlers wear swim nappies.   Please note that the park has open water features and therefore children should be supervised at all times.
  20. We request that both adults and children wear cycle helmets at all times when cycling, please bring them with you.  Please do not leave bicycles unsecured around the park.
  21. The Bye Laws and Conditions of the District Council must be observed.
  22. Please keep noise to a minimum and show consideration to other caravan owners and occupants at all times.
  23. Litter and refuse must be disposed of in the designated areas provided by the park.
  24. Ball games are to be played in designated areas and not between caravans.
  25. No motorcycles are allowed on the park without the express written permission of the park manager.
  26. Please remove all dirty footwear on entering the caravan.
  27. The use of barbecues is permitted, however, please keep well away from the van & decking area and place on grassy area.
  28. Do not disarm smoke alarms. Press hush panel located on the alarms themselves should they be activated during cooking activity.
  29. All electrical and domestic goods, including boiler, must be switched off upon leaving the van.
  30. Park rules apply.
  31. Please do not park cars on grassy areas. Please use tarmac driveway at all times. Use designated overflow car parks provided by the park if necessary. Please approach driveway with caution as it may have a steep incline.
  32. We will not be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, loss or damage to any property however caused, sustained by or occasioned to any person (including persons under the age of 18 years).
  33. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property including motor vehicles whether malicious or accidental during your stay.
  34. Personal travel insurance is not included in the cost of your holiday and, if required, remains the responsibility of the occupants.
  35. Complaints – Any complaints you have with any aspect of your holiday should be notified to us as soon as possible, so that we can resolve the problem.
  36. We charge VAT at the current rate.   If this changes in the course of the year we will re-invoice your holiday if applicable.   If any new taxes or levies are introduced during the course of the year, we will re-invoice your holiday accordingly.

These terms and conditions have been produced by Patricia Ward and relate to the private caravan hire at 161 Seabreeze, Shorefield Holidays Ltd, Shorefield Road, Milford on Sea, Nr Lymington Hants, SO41 0LH.  We reserve the right to amend these terms, conditions and policies without prior notification.

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